Kyle's Little Corner

Welcome to my Experimental Page!! I'm still learning how to set this up,so please be forgiving, however I've come a long way as I learn..

At the moment you can find photos from Michelle and my holiday around the West Coast during January 2003, updates from my tesla coil project (High Voltage Mayhem!), our pets including the pet eel! And a memorial to our recently departed Clown Knife Fish.

Everything here is © Kyle & Michelle 2002-2003... If you want to use anything here just ask!

Holiday Snaps Our TikiTour around the West Coast

Tesla Coil High Voltage Mayhem, bring a cat!

Pets Cat, fish, amphibians etc!

Help Me! The AWA Processor, ever seen one before?

Links Stuff I'm into!

Contact Me Just say Gudday!

Where are we from? Where in the world are they from?



Started April 2003

Early May 2003 - Updated progress on "Baby"

Mid June 2003 - Added photos of "Baby", memorial for the Clown Knife, General Site Shakeup and Tidyup, with many tweaks etc.

End Aug 2003 - General Tidy up ready for Public Access

As time progresses, more and more will be added here, so check up on us every few months.