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Well, here you will find some of my favorite sites.

The State-Run newspaper... absolutely brilliant for up-to-the-minute stories. Not as heavily biased as many other newspapers either!

Kent Steadman's "Conspiracy abound" site. You may not chuckle as much after you have a good read!

Richard Hogland's site. Very well written by the author of the "Mars Tidal Theory". Richard's well enough qualified to know what he's talking about, and it should change your views on the previous existence of life on mars as well as the face in cydonia.

The website of the magazine - they carry selected articles from "Nexus" each month, well worth reading through. A lot of stuff people should know about, but just doesn't make it to the mainstream media.

Dominic's Kefir In-Site, Everything and anything you need to know about our friend Kefir. Dom's a great bloke and very helpful.

You may not agree with his conclusions, but he's certainly done all the research. #Highly Recommended#

Ufo's, conspiracy etc. As seen on TV.

Jeff Rense: "Up-to-the-date" reporting on the things that get kicked out of the newsrooms.

A free energy device for powering cars. Has potential but is very tempermental.

Tonnes of information on almost anything based on non-mainstream science.


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