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The Pets

Well these are some of our pets... We have quite different tastes... (So do our pets!!)

Well there's Simon, our Cat. She's a little terror but we love her! She's about 4 years old (I think) and gets into any trouble she can find.

Usually found terrorising everything that moves and many things that don't in the backyard, or curled up on our bed.


Clown Knife

Update We lost Clown in June 2003. We're not sure what got him, as he had been through a lot. His tankmate (a large Hoplo) is okay, so we can only assume it was due to natural causes.

We've gotten some small fish (neons etc) just to piss his ghost off. We will be turning the tank into an Amazon style now, but it sure looks empty without him trying to eat the cat or anyone who walks past.

Here's Clown (He's a Clown Knife Fish(Notopterus chitala)), We've had him for about 2-3 years now... I still remember the little feller when I saw him a the pet shop! The only one that wasn't hiding...

He's a hot water fish, we try to keep him about 25 deg C. however they are quite hardy - getting down to about 20 deg C. in winter when our old heater couldn't keep up with the 5 degrees the room got down to in winter. Also he's been up to 36 deg C. for a half day when my new expensive in-line heater packed a sad, So I can say with all confidence they are very robust fish.

When we first got him he was about 1½ inches long and had stripes instead of spots and had an almost flat shape. He's now about 15 inches long and grown into the proper adult shape.


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Initially he was fed on bloodworm and goldfish, however I weaned him onto trout pellets which he sucks up like an underwater vacuume cleaner.

Live food is a treat and I'm trying to discourage him since I discovered he grows by the same amount of live food as he eats!

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Japanese Fire Bellied Newt

Noot!! Our little Jewel, the Japanese Firebellied Newt. He's a fun wee creature that requires very little care. We feed him aphids when we can find them otherwise he gets ox heart. He's a voracous eater and a fun little feller to watch. They apparently live in the water however ever since he was less than an inch long he was very rarely seen in water. I have him in a small terrarium with water and land with a few ferns etc.

As you can see from the photo he has a bright red underside, and a black rough skin. He lives in an unheated tank which gets morning sun and temp range up to about 33 deg C in summer down to 5 or so in winter. Although a slow moving animal he is always active and continually exploring the tank (as long as he doesn't have to go in the water!

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EEL (By now you can tell I'm not very good at naming my pets!)

Caught out at Waikuku beach under a sheet of corrigated iron. Why the hell a pet eel? Well, they tame up very well, and are something very different. They provide a constant source of entertainment ("Do they bite?" .... "I dunno, put your finger in..." Haa Haar!!, dumbass) nothing like the look of a surprised friend trying to shake a 6 inch eel off their finger. When he bites, he doesn't let go! He eats anything and cannot be kept with anything all. We give him flies, moths, bugs and ox heart when the hunting is scarce.

I'm not sure if it's a Shortfinned or Longfinned eel. Any help would be appreciated!


A cool eel story...


Michelle has already said no.. :(

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We've still got to add the Walking fish, goldfish, catfish and whoever else we've forgotten!


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